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Full Year Performance

Full Year Performance

Here you can find the full year performances of the last 10 years. This document contains all the sub funds/share classes that are registered for sales to retail investors in Hong Kong. Please click on the pdf icon to view the document.

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Crude oil market: too much good news in the price

Inflation-linked bonds outlook

What are the implications of recent political events in Italy, deepening trade tensions and the June FOMC meeting?


Cleaning the air

In China, policy is driving the push to cleaner energy, but the setup in India makes the transition tougher

Fixed Monthly Dividends ...

... No longer come in one shape and size - Enjoy fixed monthly dividends with BNP Paribas A Fund European Multi-Asset Income

Chi Time

Questions about the renminbi’s stress


A-shares tanked. What’s next?


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BNP Paribas A Fund European Multi-Asset Income

Opportunities no longer come in one shape and size

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BNP Paribas Asset Management provides an extensive range of investment expertise.

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