Investment Academy

A new way to develop your asset management expertise

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility as an asset manager to share our investment expertise with our clients. We know that learning is a continuous process and that all our clients will want to develop their knowledge of investment themes, different asset classes, or related subjects such as risk control or regulatory issues.

To further strengthen our training offering, in 2009 the Investment Academy was created, focusing on sharing information and with an acute awareness of the need for participants to learn and to understand the new challenges and innovations within the asset management industry.

As investment professionals, we know how important it is to understand a product before investing, and to keep that knowledge up to date. Products are constantly changing and new asset classes are emerging, new ideas are born and techniques evolve. We have not forgotten that there is more to investing than portfolio management and that is why we also include subjects such as risk control or securities operations.

Since 2010, more than 6000 participants have attended Investment Academy training in the form of internships, seminars and full week programmes. More than 300 events took place in over 30 locations around the world, in 10 different languages!

The agendas for these sessions are drawn up in consultation with clients, as we recognise that it is important for programmes to be tailored to different expertise levels and, wherever possible, conducted in the language of the participant.

Our Investment Academy provides unique access to a wide range of expertise which, combined with the resources of the BNP Paribas group as a whole, enable us to offer a full suite of training opportunities.

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