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Civic responsibility


As an engaged contributor to civil society, we ensure the promotion of human rights in everything we do. We support the development of social and solidarity-based companies, social entrepreneurship and worldwide microfinance. We are a committed partner to non-profit organisations working to improve education, health, culture and social supportiveness.

Combat social exclusion and promote respect for Human Rights

Through our policies of individual and collective commitments, we aim to enforce human rights.

We are fighting against exclusion by supporting social entrepreneurship and microfinance.

Because our clients’ investments contribute to achieving remarkable outcomes for companies we support, we publish social performance indicators for our solidarity savings funds, with the help of the companies we invest in. The first of these reports was published in 2015 to give our clients the opportunity to measure the real impact of their investments, and demonstrate how our input makes a tangible difference in the real economy.

We are also combating financial marginalisation by promoting microfinance around the world through our Obli-Ethéis SRI fund, which invests in microfinance in developing countries. By offering loans tailored to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient grounding needed to obtain a conventional loan, microfinance institutions encourage the development of economic activity.

A corporate philanthropy policy to promote culture, solidarity and the environment

As part of our sponsorship agreements, we support Agrisud International, an organisation that specialises in helping the creation of very small businesses in the South to permanently escape poverty, and GoodPlanet, a not-for-profit foundation established Yann Arthus-Bertrand in 2005, that seeks to raise awareness and educate the public about our environment. In 2013, we also began a new partnership with the Coup de Pouce Humanitaire association in France.

We also participate in BNP Paribas group initiatives such as the “Rescue and Recover” endowment fund, designed to provide assistance to victims of the world’s natural disasters and the Telethon, which raises funds in France and Italy. Employees of our offices are particularly committed to local projects sponsored by the BNP Paribas Foundation.

Support our employees in their voluntary work and encourage mutually supportive team building

We encourage all our entities across the globe to dedicate some of their time and effort to local communities and to support our employees’ civic initiatives. We ensure that we facilitate their wish to volunteer.