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Social responsibility


Our teams’ expertise lies at the heart of our success. This expertise serves our clients in bringing them the financial performance that they rightly expect from us.

We pay close attention to the performance and employability of our people, and have set ourselves the ambition to become a learning organisation that provides dynamic career management.

Becoming a learning organisation offering dynamic career management

Career development and training are also central to our efforts to strengthen the skills and the employability of our staff. We offer training modules at an international level as well as locally, to be closer to where the needs are.

Value diversity and inclusion

With its international dimension and its mix of employee profiles, diversity is a reality and an asset for BNP Paribas Asset Management, which is committed to supporting diversity in each of its locations. Adapted to local cultural and legal specificities, BNP Paribas Asset Management promotes ethnic diversity and fair hiring practices, an international senior management team and gender equality in the workplace.

Become the ‘best place to work’ and manage employment responsibly

We promote well-being in the workplace, crucial to long-term performance. We seize the opportunities offered by new information and communication technologies to simplify the way we work in ways that help our people and facilitate the digital transformation of our organisational structure.

Improving workplace conditions is naturally in keeping with our responsible employer effort. We are doing our utmost to avoid occupational hazards, take into account public health issues and address weaknesses and shortcomings.