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Developed Equities


With one of the widest offerings available in developed equities, we provide clients with a choice of solutions to suit their specific investment needs and objectives. Common across all our equities expertise is a culture of excellence, based on a strong client focus.

Europe Equities – Large Cap

Our European Large Cap Equities team is based in London. Actively managed, our large cap European Equities strategies aim to outperform their benchmarks over the long term, primarily through our investment team’s innovative analysis of industry structure.


Global Sectors

Our Global Sectors team is based in Boston. It focuses on bottom-up stock selection within a sector and it combines systematic quantitative and fundamental research.


Global Equities

The Global Equities team is led by seasoned investment professionals and is based in London. The team adheres to a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach, seeking under-appreciated financial productivity and/or growth.


Global Listed Real Estate

Our experienced Global Listed Real Estate aims to exploit the opportunities that exist in listed real estate markets worldwide for alpha generation through a combined top-down country allocation and bottom-up stock selection process. The team is centralised in Amsterdam allowing it to invest efficiently, effectively and decisively.


High Income Equities

The High Income Equities team is based in Louisville (Kentucky), Hong-Kong and Amsterdam. It covers North-American, Asian and European stocks respectively. The team believes that a contrarian investment strategy focused on high, sustainable and increasing dividends can outperform the market and add value to its clients over time.


Low Volatility Equities

Our Low Volatility Equities strategies are managed by our Paris-based Quant Equities Management, part of THEAM, our partner specialised in capital protection, indexed and model driven investments. These risk-based strategies aim to exploit the low volatility anomaly to produce superior returns and better risk-adjusted returns than traditional market capitalisation-weighted portfolios over the long run while reducing risk.


US Equities – Large & Small Caps

Our US Equities team is based in Boston. It focuses on bottom-up stock selection across our portfolios as it believes there are more opportunities in the US to add value at the stock level than the sector level. Furthermore, it combines systematic quantitative and fundamental research to maximise the chance of outperforming the broad US market.


Japan Equities

The Parvest Equity Japan fund is managed in-house, receiving investment advice from Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management. The strategy has a core value, fundamental, bottom-up approach investment approach, and is based on the belief that market inefficiencies exist where a stock’s value is not properly understood by the market. Research is conducted by a Tokyo-based team of investment professionals.


Europe Equities – Micro, Small & Mid-Caps

The Paris based European Small & Mid-Caps Equities team is fully dedicated to this asset class and relies on a bottom-up stock selection process combining a proprietary quantitative screening tool with a disciplined fundamental research approach. The stock selection aims at minimising volatility by avoiding the most illiquid stocks and maximising return by focusing on stocks presenting the best growth-versus-valuation profile.


Nordic Equities

Our Nordic Equities strategies are managed by Alfred Berg, our partner specialised in Nordic & Emerging Europe investments. The core of the Nordic Large Cap Equities team is based in Oslo and the core of the Nordic Small Cap team is based in Stockholm. With local presence in Finland, Norway and Sweden we are well positioned to identify good investment opportunities in the region. We strive to add most value through stock picking locally.