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Ideas for Individuals

We offer a broad range of investment strategies through its lineup of mutual funds, allowing private investors to diversify their investments, manage risk and seek to maximize their objectives.

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Emerging Markets

With our network of integrated investment teams and joint-venture partners, we are one of the world’s leading Emerging Markets asset managers. Our footprint covers 17 emerging markets locations, with many offering equity, bond and multi-asset solutions to both local and international clients.

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Multi Asset Solutions

We provide a broad range of multi-asset products and solutions for institutional and retail investors ranging from balanced, income and flexible asset allocation funds to a sophisticated, all-encompassing fiduciary service.


Developed Equities

With one of the widest offerings available in developed equities, we provide clients with a choice of solutions to suit their specific investment needs and objectives. Common across all our equities expertise is a culture of excellence, based on a strong client focus.

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Developed Fixed Income

Our diverse range of fixed income strategies enables our clients to exploit all of the opportunities that the global bond markets offer. Either you want to make a targeted investment in one subset of fixed income or a broad allocation across the bond markets; we can provide a matching strategy.


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