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Parvest Multi-Asset Income Emerging

Investing across emerging markets with a focus on income

Important Notes:

1) The fund seeks to increase the value of its assets over the medium-term and provide regular income in the form of dividend by investing in different asset classes in emerging markets including equities, debt securities and money market instruments.

2) The fund has significant exposure to emerging markets and is likely to be subject to a higher than average volatility. Emerging markets may have higher legal, regulatory and political risk.

3) The fund has significant equity exposure. Risks of equity market may include significant fluctuations in prices, negative information about the issuer or market. Fluctuations are often amplified in the short term.

4) The fund may invest in bonds (including sovereign debt) and is exposed to interest rate and credit risks. Governments largely in-debt may not be able to repay the principal and/or interest in accordance with the terms of such debt.

5) The fund may invest in non-investment grade or unrated debt securities, which may expose the fund to higher credit/default risk and volatility.

6) The management company may at its discretion pay dividends out of the capital of the fund. Payment of dividends out of capital amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor’s original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Any distributions involving payment of dividends out of the fund’s capital may result in an immediate reduction of the net asset value per share.

7) The monthly distribution share classes will continue to distribute monthly dividends in periods when the fund has negative return, which will further reduce the net asset value of the fund.

8) Investors should not solely rely on this document to make any investment decision. Please refer to the Hong Kong offering document for further information (including the risk factors) about the fund.


Are you …

  • Searching for a regular income stream in a low-yield environment?
  • Looking for a smoother ride in generating income?
  • A traditional equity investor seeking lower-volatility investments?

Do you believe …

  • Emerging markets’ assets enjoy a stabilising growth outlook?

If the answer is YES, it’s time to discover Parvest Multi-Asset Income Emerging

A solution to access emerging markets’ investments with a focus on income



1. Why should income-seeking investors invest in emerging markets?

1. Emerging markets (EM) is the only place in the world where yields have not been compressed following the 2008 Great Financial Crisis.

2. EM assets are trading at a large discount relative to developed markets and compared to the long term historical average.

3. EM enjoy a stabilising growth outlook as economic activity in key countries (such as Russia and Brazil) is recovering and commodity prices are steadying.

2. Why follow a multi-asset approach?

1. Large scope for investment opportunities: such an approach enables investors to access a number of EM asset classes, each with different sensitivities to various stages of the business cycle.

2. Aims to reduce downside and achieve better risk-adjusted returns: a multi-asset strategy can help manage volatility through broad diversification and has the possibility to reduce exposure to assets or regions where we anticipate deteriorating fundamentals.

3. With economic activity across EM becoming less correlated, active management is key: this approach to asset allocation can help avoid some of the pitfalls of merely tracking EM passively.


3. Flexible and dynamic asset allocation

The team can flexibly adjust the asset allocation up to 80% equities, fixed income and cash in accordance with market conditions and seize income opportunities across different asset classes. The fund dynamically diversifies in all main EM asset classes and enjoys relatively lower risks and a more stable expected return than investing in a single asset class.


Source: BNP Paribas Asset Management, as of March 2018. This allocation is for reference only and is subject to change without notice.


4. Award-winning Multi-Asset Solutions team

The fund is managed by a team of 40+ investment experts, which was awarded the ‘2015 Investment Excellence Award – Multi Asset Manager of the Year’ by Global Investor and the ‘Best Multi-Asset House’ regional award by Asia Asset Management in 2016*.


Awards 2015 Awards 2016

Source: Global Investor,
as of July 2015.

* 2016 Asia Asset Management Best of the Best Awards
reflects the performance as of 30 September 2016.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance.


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