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Emerging Markets


With our network of integrated investment teams and joint-venture partners across the globe, we are one of the world’s leading Emerging Markets asset managers. Our footprint covers 17 emerging markets locations across Latin America, Emerging Europe and Asia Pacific regions, with many offering equity, fixed income and multi-asset investment solutions to both local and international clients. We are best placed to find the most attractive investment opportunities and emphasize strong corporate governance.


Global Emerging Markets Equity / Frontier Markets Equity

Our global emerging and frontier market equities portfolios are managed by our Boston-based Global Emerging and Frontier Markets Equity team. In our view a growth-biased approach to emerging and frontier market equity investment is most appropriate in what is a growth asset class.


Sharia Compliant Fixed Income (Global Sukuk)

The Global Sukuk management team is based in Kuala Lumpur. It is part of the Sharia Compliant Portfolio Management team, which is fully incorporated into our platform, allowing it to capitalize on the global investment footprint and extensive infrastructure at all levels within the company. It combines deep expertise in Islamic markets, credit discipline and on the ground knowledge to offer investors an opportunity to participate in the Global Sukuk Eurobond market.


Asia ex-Japan Equity

Asia ex- Japan Equity is managed by our experienced on-the-ground investment team based in Hong Kong. The strategy follows a fundamental bottom-up investment style. Alpha generation is driven by our unique and proprietary in-house model focusing on “Structural Market Development” themes to identify strong and sustainable growth companies. As part of a global company, our expansive footprint across many local Asian markets provides us with a competitive edge for local information collection and idea generation.


ASEAN (South East Asia) Equity

The ASEAN Equities team is based in Kuala Lumpur. Actively managed, our south-east Asian equities strategies aim to outperform their benchmarks over the long term.  The team performs detailed on-the-ground research, and identifies sustainable business models with strong management quality that translates into quality earnings.


Latin America Equity

The Latin America Equity team is based in Sao Paulo. Our capabilities cover all equity strategies in local markets, ranging from long-only to long-biased, long & short, small caps and dividend strategies. The deep understanding of local culture, strong relationship with companies’ management, and in-house research as major source of information is combined with a disciplined and robust investment process.


Emerging Europe Equity

Emerging Europe Equity is managed by a team based in Sweden. The team works closely with investment advisors from TKB BNP Paribas Investment Partners and TEB Asset Management, our partners in Russia and Turkey, with resources on the ground in St. Petersburg and Istanbul.  We add value with our ability to exploit under-researched segments of the Eastern European equity market, including mid and small caps through the expert knowledge provided by the local advisory teams.


Emerging Europe Fixed Income

The investment segment is managed by our dedicated emerging markets fixed income team, based in London and Boston. The team invests in hard-currency and local-currency government bonds, corporate bonds and CDS from across emerging Europe. Although primarily a long strategy, it can take tactical short positions as opportunities arise.


Greater China Equity

Based in Hong Kong, Greater China Equity is managed by an experienced on the ground investment team. Following an active fundamental, bottom-up stock picking process, the team realizes more than 200 company meetings per team member per year. As a high conviction strategy, the three factors driving returns are: strong cash flow return on capital, positive industry or value chain dynamics, and high quality management.


Argentina Equity & Fixed Income

The Argentina Equity & Fixed Income team is based in Bueno Aires. Our equity portfolio is based on a quantitative model in order to identify market opportunities with a top-down approach; our fixed income portfolios are selected based on macroeconomic analysis and market expectations with a relative-value strategy. Both aim to outperform their benchmarks using an active management.


Brazil Equity & Fixed Income

The Brazilian Fixed Income and Equity are managed by the Sao Paulo based Investment teams. Our Fixed Income capabilities range from money market to active fixed income and credit portfolios. We seek to preserve investors’ capital through rigorous risk management, focusing on identifying opportunities on local currency future rates curve, inflation, and healthy corporate debts supported by a multi-committee approach.

Our Equity capabilities, cover from long-only to long-biased, long & short, small caps and dividend strategies. The deep understanding of local culture, strong relationship with companies’ management, in-house research, combined with a disciplined and robust investment process with clear individual responsibilities allows us to identify the best investment opportunities in the country by operating in sectors with strong macroeconomic fundamentals.


Chile Equity & Fixed Income

The Chile Equity & Fixed Income investment teams are based in Santiago, Chile, and are part of our partner BancoEstado AGF.

The Equity investment follows a core-satellite approach and aims at outperforming the IPSA index: where the core lies in passive allocation to the Chilean stock market in order to mitigate risk, and the satellite relies on disciplined financial analysis and discretional judgments in order to add alpha. The Fixed Income investment follows a combination of strategic and tactical allocations, taking position in products with maturities from one to five years with both local-currency nominal bonds and inflation linked bonds.


China Onshore Equity & Fixed Income

The China onshore equity team is based in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Actively managed, our large cap strategy aims to increase the value of its assets over the long term. The experienced team conduct on-the-ground proprietary research to pick quality growth companies with good corporate governance. The China onshore fixed income team is based in Shanghai. Actively managed, our strategy aims to increase the value of its asset over the medium term, primarily through a combination of macro analysis and credit research. The portfolios are invested with an objective of stability, liquidity and profitability.


India Equity & Fixed Income

The Indian Equity & Fixed Income teams are based in Mumbai. It follows an active bottom up process seeking to identify superior businesses with good governance, strong management and reasonable valuations.


Indonesia Equity & Fixed Income

The Indonesian Equity team is based in Jakarta. Actively managed and using a bottom-up approach, our Indonesian equities strategy aims to outperform its benchmark over the long-term. We believe companies with solid franchise value can benefit the most from the Indonesian economic structural changes. We identify catalysts that unlock the valuation gap between current and fair value. To achieve this, our on-the-ground research team is essential to uncover inefficiencies in the Indonesia market. The Indonesian Fixed Income team is based in Jakarta. We believe the Indonesian bond market is inefficient and can benefit from active duration management. By analysing the direction of interest rate, curve dynamics, and issuer’s credit, the team seeks to capture alpha and to outperform its benchmark over the long-term.


Morocco Equity & Fixed Income

The Moroccan Equity & Fixed Income team is based in Casablanca. It is specialized by market (Equity, Fixed Income, and Money Market) and in charge of the implementation of investment strategy for each category. Our investment philosophy is to offer clients customised, value-creating solutions tailored to their specific investment needs.


Korea Equity & Fixed Income

Our Korea Equity & Fixed Income teams are based in Seoul. The Korea Equity team follows an active fundamental approach to identify market opportunities. We believe long-term outperformance objectives can be achieved by investing in attractively-valued companies with sound management and high earnings growth potential, operating in sectors with strong macroeconomic fundamentals.


Turkey Equity & Fixed Income

Turkish Equity and Fixed Income are managed by the Istanbul-based dedicated teams. As an emerging economy, Turkey market carries great potential for above-average returns.  Active portfolio management under disciplined investment process, performed by the investment experts with extensive market experience and deep understanding of local market dynamics, allows us to unfold the market potential and capture alpha.