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Multi Asset Solutions


We provide a broad range of multi-asset products and solutions for institutional and retail investors ranging from balanced, income and flexible asset allocation funds to a sophisticated, all-encompassing fiduciary service.


Multi-asset income funds

Our multi-asset income portfolios are designed to provide an attractive and sustainable level of income. The funds invest dynamically via a diversified mix of assets which ensures that the pursuit of income is not carried out at the expense of risk. The funds are run by the Multi Asset Solutions team and offer a one-stop investment solution to the challenge of income generation in the current low yield environment.

Risk graded funds

Our risk-graded offer comprises a range of three diversified multi-asset funds with different risk profiles. The funds aim to optimise overall performance for a given level of risk and benefit from active asset allocation based on the Multi Asset Solutions team’s fundamental views on markets and asset classes. Careful selection of underlying investments via actively or passively-managed funds, managed in-house or externally, represents an additional source of value-added.

Flexible/diversified growth fund

Our flexible multi-asset solutions run by the Multi Asset Solutions team offer a total return approach to capital growth with flexibility across an extensive investment opportunity set. The strategy aims to deliver equity-like returns with bond-like volatility. We also manage a fund of funds which invests in externally-managed flexible funds. External managers are selected with the support of FundQuest Advisor, our external fund selection specialist.

Other multi-asset funds

The Multi Asset Solutions team offer a number of other multi-asset capabilities including multi-management funds (on single or multiple asset classes), lifecycle funds (target date funds which can be incorporated into individual pension solutions) and thematic funds including SRI funds.

LDI1 & fiduciary management solutions

Our Multi Asset Solutions team is highly experienced in developing and implementing tailored solutions that meet the needs of pension schemes, insurance companies, corporates and other institutional investors. Solutions can be built in both an asset-only and asset-liability context. Our fiduciary management capability brings together the expertise of investment professionals, working together across various teams. This includes FundQuest Advisor, our external fund selection specialist, as well as Financial Engineering, our dedicated quantitative and academic research team.

Dynamic risk management

Our Multi Asset Solutions team can provide customised risk overlay solutions designed to monitor and adjust portfolio risk according to client requirements and to manage downside risk in adverse market conditions. Our solutions can incorporate different types of risk constraints (hard constraints such as the protection of a floor (maximum loss) or funding ratio or softer constraints such as maintaining a certain level of portfolio volatility, Value at Risk or funding ratio at a specific target level).

  • 1. LDI = Liability Driven Investments