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Front and Centre

The loss of a prominent player can hurt a team as a whole and damp the will to achieve the best possible results. Replacing a master such as Xavi, one of the world’s best midfielders, at the centre of the Barcelona line-up was surely going to be a challenge, but also one that could clearly not be met with ‘let’s wait and see’.

Similarly, the decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement sent round shockwaves and wrinkled eyebrows, particularly so among those of us who believe climate change is real and joint global action is inevitable. While US doubts about climate change – partly, it appears, because of a lack of 100% certainty among scientists (and politicians) about the phenomenon – look to have motivated the withdrawal of the world’s largest economy, most other countries, lacking such qualms, did not stand by.

Ready to fill the leadership void left by the US – a major source of pollution and hence seen as a lynchpin in tackling the issues – others have stepped up to the plate. They have reaffirmed their commitment to the accord and pledged to take action to ensure the ‘Paris goals’ will still be met.

In her article, Helena Viñes Fiestas discusses the US pull-out, the fallout and the welcome and encouraging regrouping, not only by other signatory countries, but also by a raft of US stakeholders.

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